María Gabriela Lugo



Gaby is an innate animal lover and Venezuelan canine trainer. From her childhood, she felt an inclination for the treatment and care of animals, having a special fondness for canine species. She is certified in Dog Grooming from the University of Zulia, Venezuela. In 2016 she emigrated to Panama, where she dedicated herself to developing her qualities and skills for handling dogs, obtaining a Certification with the Costa Rican Veterinary Doctor and specialist in animal behavior Mary Carmen Marín Lara in Conditioning, Ethology and Canine Psychology. In Florida; where she has worked for three years and six months as a K9 dog trainer, therapy dogs, and pet training in general.


Obedience training, boarding, and breeding.

Gifmaf offers a range of obedience training customized to your dog's specific needs. We specialize in dog obedience, socialization, behavior modification, aggressive dog training, sports training, and law enforcement K9 training.