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At Gifmaf, we believe your dogs are as much family as we are. Our founders, Giann Manuel and Giann Carlos Siervo, began training dogs fifteen years ago in Venezuela. However, they were not satisfied with the status quo. They always sought to expand their knowledge to enhance the experience for their dogs.

Our History

Giann Carlos and Giann Manuel Siervo were born in Maracaibo, Venezuela on December 6, 1988. Growing up as twins, they started their passion and love for animals at an early age. Staying at their grandmother’s while their parents were working, they spent most of their afternoons feeding, sheltering, and loving homeless dogs.

Their love for caring for these innocent animals grew as the twins matured. Their first pet was a golden retriever, and that is where they feel in love with training dogs. This passion was nothing more than a hobby since they were still very concentrated with obtaining their Marketing Degrees’. Giann Carlos and Giann Manuel both graduated from college with Marketing Degrees. Once they moved on from their University studies they took an approach to life towards their degree, but they never took away the desire and love they had for training and loving dogs.

Years later, they took over watching three German Shepherds in their neighborhood. They would assist with walking and training, little did they know this would change their careers forever. The owners realized how much love and comfort the dogs received from the twins, even though they weren’t theirs. One of the neighbors became their first client. They received an aggressive pet and taught the animal for two weeks, 1 hour a day. The owner became enlightened and the progress that was made changed the dog and family’s life. At this moment, they realized they could make their dream of working with dogs a reality.

As the business they started was growing and gaining local recognition, the twins traveled to Mexico where they continued their education, but this time in canine training. They then arrived in the United States where they were able to broaden their education and achieve numerous certifications and training classes. They were able to see here how owners don’t see their dog as a pet, but as a family member.

When making the decision to embark on a new path in a new country, the twins knew that there were tough times ahead. They grinded every day to achieve what they had dreamed about as kids. For many years the twins worked and trained in the best kennels in the state of Florida. While working they traveled throughout the country to continue their education and studies. Throughout the months the twins started achieving recognition of the best and highly respected trainers. The twins dream now was complete as the GIFMAF family business was created.

GIFMAF over the years has cultivated the best relationships with the most reputable breeders and trainers in the state of Florida. The breeders and trainers now work together receiving dogs who have difficulty being trained by others. The love and hunger for training keeps growing by the day, as they strive for every dog story to have a happy ending.

Both twins are so thankful for the support and love from each loving family who has trusted them with their innocent animal. They still continue to see it as a passion and a gift from God. As for GIFMAF this just the beginning.

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