Board and Tune

Our Alumni Tune or Structured boarding is an option for whenever you need your dog to stay busy and focus on training when you are away, for vacation, a business trip, unexpected events, or even just an eventual training refresh. We will help you keep your dog well-behaved and happy so you can continue enjoying life together.

During its stay we will be visiting/having adventures in public places, and having full animal socialization sessions with alpacas, goats, ducks, macaws, and other Gifmaf animal family members. Full training and commands touch up with different trainers, you’ll be receiving updates and videos, and a bath will be included at the end of your stay so your dog will be more than ready to go back home and enjoy life with you.

Your dog will be in good hands for the duration of their stay. Book here for a single dog.
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Board your doggy pair with us as. Click the link below to book for two dogs.
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Have a handful of dogs? We're happy to house them! Use this link for boarding 3 dogs.
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Schedule your Drop Off & Pick Up

Scheduling your drop off and pick up times keeps us all on the same page, avoiding customer and trainer confusion. Take the duration of your dog’s stay into account when you schedule your pick up date.

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Obedience training, boarding, and breeding.

Gifmaf offers a range of obedience training customized to your dog's specific needs. We specialize in dog obedience, socialization, behavior modification, aggressive dog training, sports training, and law enforcement K9 training.